September 23, 2011

Eisenstadt I

Eisenstadt (Hungarian: Kismarton, Croatian: Željezni grad, Željezno, Slovene: Železno) is a city in Austria, the state capital of Burgenland. It has a population of about 12,000 (2006). In the Habsburg monarchy, Kismarton (Eisenstadt) was the seat of the Eszterházy Hungarian noble family. The composer Joseph Haydn lived there as Hofkapellmeisterunder Esterházy patronage.

Eisenstadt lies on a plain leading down to the river Wulka, at the south foot of the Leitha Mountains, about 12 km from the Hungarian border.

The present city name, meaning "Iron City", was first recorded in 1118 as "castrum ferrum" and refers to the history of iron mining and iron trade in the area. The first written mention of the town took place in 1264 as "minor Mortin", matching the Hungarian name, Kismarton, which is recalling Saint Martin, the patron saint of the main church.

Archeological finds prove that the Eisenstadt area was already settled in the Hallstatt period. Celts and Romans settled somewhat later. During the Migration Period, the area was settled by different Germanic tribes and the Huns. Around 800, during the reign of Charlemagne, settlement by the Bavarii began.  (Wiki)


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