October 29, 2008

The Corner

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center is one of the oldest and largest non-profit contemporary art institutions in the United States. An exhibition space rather than a collecting institution, P.S.1 devotes its energy and resources to displaying the most experimental art in the world.

"A Bit of Matter and a Little Bit More"
Originally part of exhibition Rooms in 1976, Lawrence Weiner wrote the title phrase on the inside of the front entrance as well as on the outside of the back door of P.S.1. The original doors, made of wood and metal, were removed during the renovation in 1997. After the renovation was completed, the artist was invited back to recreate the piece on both sides of the glass windows of the front doors.


A landmark on the corner of Jackson Av. at 46th Av. Long Island, Queens.

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Anonymous said...

I just love these photos.

And when I saw the stop sign I also saw what I have noticed for many years and that is this particular red does not work well on the Internet. I guess it is one of those colors not on the HTML color charts. It looks good in print and in real life but on monitors it doesn't.